Intensive Diabetic Care For Patients wit

Diabetes Education & Coaching

Image by Sharon McCutcheon

Do you feel overwhelmed trying to manage managing your type 2 diabetes? Is it starting to feel like a full-time job trying to figure out this new lifestyle? Then a wellness coach could be just what you need to navigate this journey. They work with you to make lifestyle tweaks that can help bring your condition under control.


What’s does a Diabetes Wellness Coach do?


In addition to education and teaching you about the basics of diabetes and how it will affect your life. A diabetes wellness coach personally mentors you to help keep up with all the changes you need to make in your daily life:


  • help you stay on track with your diet plan

  • help you make the right food choices

  • help you follow your doctor's advice on the heathiest way to drop pounds.

  • Help in areas, such as fitness. (Exercise is one way to help you manage your blood sugar levels.) 

  • help you stick to a workout routine.

  • help you put into action a plan to get better sleep

  • show you some relaxation techniques that lower your stress.

With encouragement and insight from your wellness coach, you'll learn how to take care of yourself through awareness and actionable changes.